Saturday, April 17, 2010

my prickly pussy

a GREAT back and forth between client and photographer

Obviously this cunty client had her rancid pussy waxed and was upset that it was getting all prickly and nasty again.


I need to cancel my photo session scheduled for April. I'm no longer interested in having photos taken.



Hi -

I just left you a vmail, please call me to discuss.



There's nothing to discuss. I can't work with vendor who can't provide timely responses.

Hi Patty,

I appreciate your honesty, and completely understand your frustration, 4 business days is too long to wait for an email response.

I am really sorry and upset that you have had a negative experience with us, I can assure you that we never want any client to feel the way that we made you feel.

I do not want to make excuses, however, I want you to know that we were out of the country shooting a destination wedding. I responded to all of the emails that I came back to as quickly as possible, and unfortunately it took me almost a week to catch up. I know that this cannot compensate for your frustration, but If you would still be willing to work with us and give us the opportunity to shoot your session, I would like to offer you a $200 discount on your package.

Please let me know or call me if you want to discuss anything at all.



Your contract neither provides language with regard to the return of the retainer, nor language expressing that the retainer is non-refundable. Seeing that in the current situation, the contract was terminated with cause (failure to acknowledge payment of the retainer and failure to respond to client communications for over a week -- I e-mailed you on and you did not reply for 8 days, I expect a refund of the $100 retainer. Please remit payment as soon as possible.


You can call my cell phone anytime if you want to discuss your concerns.



There is nothing to discuss.

You're going to refund the payment or you're not going to refund the payment. If you decide not to refund the payment, I will be forced to take further actions in order to secure a refund. - Patty

Hi Patty,

There are not enough words in the English language to express what an absolute joy it has been to work with you! Every time one of your emails appeared in my inbox it was as if Mother Nature had sent a little pocket of sunshine into my life. There's nothing in this world that could have brought me more pleasure than to issue you a refund via paypal. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and I hope your wedding is an absolute dream come true.


You go from "completely understand[ing my] frustration" to (promptly) sending me an e-mail that is sarcastic beyond words. As you know, you work in a service industry in which the trust, confidence and comfort of the client is paramount in creating a final product with which all parties will be happy. For me, a reasonable level of responsiveness is necessary in order to feel comfortable. After not hearing from you for essentially a month since I sent my deposit (I understand destination weddings are much more exciting than day-to-day work at home), I felt incredibly uncomfortable going forward with the shoot, thus I canceled and requested a refund.

All of my actions were reasonable and well within my contractual rights. While I appreciate the prompt refund after opening a dispute with PayPal, your e-mail was mean spirited, offensive and unnecessary. All I wanted were some nice pictures for my fiancee, I would like to think that as a photographer with a beautiful book of work you would have been able to provide that.


Mean spirited and sarcastic? That couldn't be further from the truth! I hope nothing more than perfection for you and your fiancee on your special day.

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Anonymous said...

I think that last line should have read, "on your special FUCKING day"!!!!!!